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Bladder Infection and Treatment: Apex Hospital, Sirsa Covers Everything

Posted by Dr. R. K. Mehta on 22 September 2022

Bladder infection is one of the most common types of UTI affecting both genders. Under this condition, the gall bladder swells and leads to cystitis development. While hundreds of thousands of Indians go through UTI treatment every year for bladder infections, a lot of individuals still are not familiar with the term bladder infection and its root cause.

On account of this, Apex Hospital – home to the best urologists in Sirsa - decided to share everything about bladder infection. This knowledgeable resource will help you understand the symptoms, and causes of bladder infection and will also guide you over the best bladder infection treatment in India. Read on!

What is a bladder infection?

Bladder infection is referred to as a common type of UTI infection that is usually caused by the bacteria called E. Coli. While this UTI affects both genders, females are more prone to this infection. For individuals with weakened immune systems, yeast can become a culprit of bladder infection as well. 

Bladder infection symptoms

Most of the times, bladder infections cause no pain and irritation, making it hard for patients to identify the symptoms. But in some cases, bladder infection irritates the inner lining and shows the below symptoms:

- Urinating more often than usual

- Cloudy or bloody urine

- Pain or burning when urinating

- Foul-smell urine

- Cramp or pressure in the lower abdomen

- Patients can have nausea, vomiting, or both.

- Dark yellow color urine.

These are the most common symptoms of bladder infection. Now let’s discover what are the major causes of bladder infection.

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Bladder infection causes

The main culprit is the bacteria that live on the skin and the gastrointestinal tract. What happens is that the bacteria (Escherichia coli) enter the urinary tract through the urethra and begin to multiply in the bladder. Although the urinary system is designed to keep out such microscopic invaders, individuals with weak immune systems fail to invade these bacteria. 

When that happens, bacteria may take hold and grow into a full-blown infection in the urinary tract. Other causes of bladder infection are mentioned below:

- Any blockage due to a bladder stone or enlarged prostate also causes a bladder infection.

- Fewer estrogen hormones in women cause the lining of the ureter to get thinner and change the balance of bacteria in the bladder which eventually leads to a bladder infection.  

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Tips to prevent bladder infection

- Follow the below tips to prevent bladder infection:

- Drink plenty of liquid especially water.

- Drink cranberry juice once a week.

- Be sure to wipe from front to back after urinating

- Consult a doctor in you are experiencing any symptoms.

- Take showers instead of baths.

- Urinate as soon as you feel the need

These are the major remedies to prevent future bladder infections. Now let’s discover the best treatment for bladder infection in India. 

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Where is the best bladder infection treatment in Sirsa, Nohar, Hanumangarh, or Mansa?

It’s no secret that North India is home to hundreds of UTI treatment centers providing medical services at economical rates. However, choosing the one that provides the best bladder stone treatment is highly crucial to ensure a safe medical process with minimal risks. 

To address the same, Apex Hospital, Sirsa provides world-class bladder stone treatment through modern equipment. It also supports patients with urology treatments at its satellite centers in Nohar, Hanumangarh, and Mansa

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This is everything your need to know about bladder infection along with its root causes. A bladder infection can be life-threatening if not treated at the initial stage. That’s why it's recommended to consult an experienced urologist in Sirsa to have risk-free treatment.

Apex Hospital is home to the best urology specialist in Sirsa and surgery specialists in Mansa, Hanumangarh, and Nohar. Our team of doctors provides urinary track treatments through modern equipment, treatments, and expert medical consultation. Our urinary track success rate is at par with international standards.

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