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About Apex

Apex IVF unit performs with state of art equipment, all the advanced techniques in the field. These include IVF, GIFT, embryo cryopreservation, oocyte donation and intracytoplasmic sperm injection (ICSI). The ICSI technique is also employed in conjuction with epidydimal sperm aspiration (MESA ) for males with obstruction of the genital tract. Here at this centre we provide everything under one roof and make best possible efforts to help our patients get pregnant in shortest possible time.

We not only are focused on providing the medical treatment, but also help the infertility couples morally, emotionally and ethically to find a solution to the problem of infertility. Apex IVF Centre is a right place to get the standardized success rates at an affordable price.

Apex test tube baby centre is located at sirsa (HRY) at an easily approachable distance of 250 km from Delhi(the capital of india). This centre came into existence in 2011. Since then we have earned a reputation of producing first IVF baby, first IVF twins, first IVF triplets, first ICSI Baby, first PESA baby and first surrogate of sirsa city.

This unit offers teams of leading specialists in infertility and reproduction, incorporating the most recent techniques that have revolutionized fertility treatment utilizing the diverse methods available today. We are achieving the pregnancy rates at par with the international standards.

In the recent years, we have also emerged as a trusted destination for urology and surgical healthcare. Get in touch to consult the best urologists in Sirsa, Nohar, Hanumangarh, and Mansa. Also speak with best surgeon in Sirsa for free advice.



The word Apex by definition : the highest point : the topmost level attainable : implies the point where all ascending lines converge. We believe the name is reflective in our mission/ vision/ goals delivering complete satisfaction of each of our patients by :

  • Providing consistent & high quality care to our patients.
  • Achieving a positive outcome through best of efforts
  • Maintaining utmost hygienic care in our hospital
  • Providing most advance facilities at affordable cost.

We are inspired by the word "Kaizen" of Japanese philosophy , which means continuous improvement, we update ourself & facilities continuously to create wellbeing & betterment for our patients.

Key Milestones

  1. Pioneer in the region to start NDVH & has more that 2000 surgeries in the credit.
  2. Only hospital in the region equipped with world class endovision system ( three chip tricam, Karlstorz)
  3. First to start surgery for kidney stones ( PCNL) & for ureteric stones ( URS)
  4. Only centre equipped with gynae endoscopy & laparoscopic surgeries
  5. Pioneer in infertility treatment, painless deliveries. First center in the state to have Thermachoice Baloon therapy
  6. First hospital in the region in which lift was installed in year 2004 for transportation of patients.

Leading the Way in Medical Excellence.


  •   Call Us: +91 91680 39000, +91 82229-66666, 01666-226888
  •   Apex Hospital, Circular Road, Sirsa, Haryana, India-125055


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