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Failed Early Pregnancy: Symptoms, Causes, & Everything Else

Posted by Dr. (Mrs.) Manisha Mehta on 18 July 2022

Around 10 to 20% of known pregnancies end up in miscarriage. These numbers are higher in North India since young mothers are not aware of the risks, symptoms, and causes of failed early pregnancy. That’s why we decided to share everything about early pregnancy failure and tips to avoid it.

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First, let’s learn about the major risks of an early failed pregnancy.

5 symptoms of early failed pregnancy

Below are the major symptoms of early failed pregnancy:

Vaginal spotting or bleeding: Light bleeding in early pregnancy is common and it is usually not harmful. However, excessive fluid passing through the vagina can put a negative impact on the pregnancy and could be a sign of a failed pregnancy

Pain in the lower back: Pain in the lower back during early and late pregnancy is common. There is no need to get worried about normal back pain but severe back pain is something you need to get checked by the gynecologist.

Weakness: Feeling tired and exhausted during pregnancy is pretty normal, especially in the first 14 weeks. It is mostly caused by changes in hormones. Consult with your doctor if you are struggling to overcome weakness after adopting a healthy diet and taking medications.

Weight loss: There is no clear evidence to say that weight loss is the symptom of an early failed pregnancy. Still, eating less could mean that the body doesn’t require minerals and vitamins for the developing baby. If you have faced sudden weight loss in the second month, then, it’s time to talk to your doctor.

Dizziness: Dizziness is normal during early pregnancy and is sometimes triggered by medications but more of it could be a signal of underlying problems. Consult your doctor if you are feeling dizzy all the time even after a change in medications.  

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5 causes of early failed pregnancy

Below are the major causes of early miscarriage.

Chromosome problem: Slow fetal growth during the first few weeks of pregnancy is the reason behind most early failed pregnancies. Approximately 50% of miscarriages happen due to missing or extra chromosomes. This creates complications in pregnancy.

Mother health: A mother’s overall health plays a very important role during the time of pregnancy. Uncontrolled diabetes, uterus problems, thyroid disease, and hormone problems are some of the health issues that can cause early failed pregnancy.

Age factor: Mothers above 45 years have an almost 60% chance of having an early failed pregnancy. That’s why doctors often recommend becoming a mother in the thirties and early forties.

Lifestyle: Smoking and alcohol consumption during pregnancy puts a negative impact on the mother and baby’s health. Eating unhealthy foods could also cause miscarriage as these foods do not provide proper vitamins, minerals, and proteins to the body.

Infections: Infections like listeriosis and STIs are also on the list of early failed pregnancy causes. However, early testing and getting the right treatment on time can help a mother in protecting herself and her baby from infections.

5 risks of early failed pregnancy

Below mentioned are the risks of early failed pregnancy:

High blood pressure: Many women have faced high blood pressure problems after an early failed pregnancy. Consult your doctor if you are facing high blood pressure problems after your failed pregnancy.

Diabetes: Women who have not experienced pregnancy had a 50% higher chance of developing diabetes as compared to women who have experienced any type of pregnancy. Women who have faced miscarriage have a 25% higher risk of developing gestational diabetes.

Immune system problems: Women who have faced early pregnancy failure often face immune system problems. It takes more than six weeks for a body to normalize its hormone levels. However, women who have successful deliveries can face immune system problems too.

Obesity: It becomes difficult to lose weight after a miscarriage since the body goes through the same changes as you would with a full-time delivery. Eating unhealthy foods and struggling to stick to a healthy diet can cause more problems after early pregnancy failure.

Lifestyle factors: Failed early pregnancy often triggers stress and anxiety in women. Some women struggle in getting rid of stress and make bad lifestyle choices. This makes it harder for them to recover from early failed pregnancy.

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How to avoid early miscarriage?

Follow the below tips to avoid miscarriage during early pregnancy.

  1. Exercise regularly to stay healthy and fit.
  2. Eat healthy and well-balanced meals to give proper nutrients to your body and developing baby.
  3. Avoid drinking alcohol and taking more than one cup of coffee per day.
  4. Avoid high-intensity sports and lifting heavy objects. This increases the risk of injury during the early pregnancy period. Always wear your seat belt while in the car.
  5. Take medicines for your health problems as they can cause early failed pregnancy as well.
  6. Maintain proper body weight since being overweight or underweight can cause a miscarriage in the initial months.
  7. STDs can lead to some serious pregnancy complications. Practice safe sex to stay safe from sexually transmitted diseases and infections.

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