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Indian Pregnancy Diet Plan for 2022: All Trimesters Included

Posted by Dr. (Mrs.) Manisha Mehta on 06 July 2022

A healthy and balanced diet is essential during pregnancy because the mother is the sole source of nutrition for her baby. Still, a lot of new mothers in India are not familiar with the right pregnancy diet to follow during different trimesters. 

On accounting of this, Apex Hospital – home to the top gynecologists & best urologists in Sirsa - decided to share a diet chart for pregnant women that lists all the necessary foods and nutrients needed for the baby’s proper growth. Read on!

First Trimester: Pregnancy diet chart

During the first trimester, the baby grows rapidly. That’s why it's crucial for the mother-to-be to follow a proper diet. Below are some pregnancy foods that are good for the newly formed fetus:

Dairy: Milk and Indian cottage cheese provides much-needed calcium, vitamins, protein, and healthy fat essential for this phase.

Fruits: Apple, banana, mango, and orange are rich sources of vitamins and antioxidants. Add a bowl of these fruits in your daily pregnancy diet.

Food rich in iron: Oatmeal, dried fruits, and beetroot are good sources of iron essential for a steady blood flow to the baby. 

Vitamin B6: Nuts, bananas, and whole grains are a source of vitamin B6 that helps pregnant women overcome the tendency of vomiting. 

Sugar: Pregnant women need to consume 200-300 calories extra every day during the first trimester. Regular sugar intake from natural ingredients can help with this. 

These are the type of foods that pregnant women need to include in their pregnancy diet chart in the first 3 months for positive health and growth of the newly formed fetus. Now let’s move to the second trimester.

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Second Trimester: Indian pregnancy diet chart

During this phase of pregnancy, the mother-to-be can see the baby protruding out of the belly. Since the baby is growing, pregnant women in India need to follow a strict pregnant diet chart during this phase too. 

Below are the foods that pregnant women in India need to eat during the second trimester:

Foods rich in fiber: Green leafy vegetables and whole grains are rich sources of fiber. Eating fiber-rich foods during this stage will help you get rid of constipation. 

Fatty acid-rich foods: Eating foods like nuts, freshwater fish, and olives will provide you with omega 3 which lowers the risk of weak cognitive development. 

Foods with iron: Beans, raisins, and apricots are rich sources of iron. They will help in the proper development and growth of the baby. If you live outside India and have access to red meat, add it to your pregnancy diet chart. 

Fresh fruits: Fresh fruits are essential throughout pregnancy because they are a good source of essential minerals and vitamins. Stick with the bowl of fruits you started in the first trimester! 

Folic acid: This is much needed for a baby’s brain development. Consume foods like pumpkin seeds, cereals, and flax seeds. Most gynaecologists in India start women with folic acid supplements at the beginning of the pregnancy. Stick with them in the second trimester too. 

Vitamin C: Lemon, grapes, and oranges are foods rich in Vitamin C. For those who don’t know, vitamin C prevents bleeding gums and repairs damaged connective tissues. 

These are the foods that need to be included in the pregnancy diet chart during the second trimester. Indian diet chart for pregnant women that miss most of these foods should be adopted after a doctor’s consultation. 

Now, let’s discover the diet chart for pregnant women during the third trimester.

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Third Trimester: Pregnancy diet chart for Indian women

During the last stage of pregnancy, the baby goes through rapid changes. Therefore, pregnant women need to consume more calories in order to fulfill the baby’s nutrition requirements. Below are the foods that pregnant women need to eat during the third trimester:

Foods rich in DHA: Walnuts, flax seeds, and fish oil are good sources of DHA necessary for eye development, high birth weight, and longer gestation period. 

Calcium-rich foods: Food items such as milk, cottage cheese, chia seeds, and yogurt are some of the best sources of calcium. It helps in shaping the baby’s bone structure and skeleton system. 

Vitamin D: Fatty fish is a great source of Vitamin D that helps in the future development of a baby’s teeth. 

Bananas: As we said earlier, bananas are a rich source of vitamins and anti-oxidants. Pregnant women can consume it throughout their pregnancy.

Vitamin B: Soya beans, eggs, peanuts, and oats are rich sources of Vitamin B that prevent serious problems like neural tube defects. 

Indian pregnancy diet chart: Endnotes

These are the super pregnancy foods that are recommended by top gynecologists to include in a diet chart for pregnant women. A pregnancy is considered high–risk when there are potential complications that could affect the mother, the baby, or both. That’s why it's recommended to consult an experienced gynecologist through pregnancy.

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