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Tulsi ! Why do Hindus consider it a holy plant ?

Posted by Dr. (Mrs.) Manisha Mehta on 19 April 2019

It not only has antibacterial and detoxifying properties but also helps in cleansing blood and purifying it. It was kept in ‘angan’ of almost all Hindus in olden days. The ladies of the house were made to worship. The only reason for this was to make them spend more time with it as the oxygen given by it was also so much pure and detoxifying that the lady who was deprived of nutrients in not so well off families would also keep fit and healthy. We were also told not to bite it but swallow it directly as a religious belief.

Now we know that we should “NOT CHEW TULSI” because it has high amount of mercury and iron which can damage and discolour your teeth.  

So why not start taking the benefits by taking one to two leaves per day of Tulsi daily.

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