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Best IVF & Surgery Centre in Sirsa: Apex Hospital Reviews

Posted by Dr. (Mrs.) Manisha Mehta on 01 August 2022

Apex Hospital in Sirsa, Haryana is trusted by thousands of patients for a vast range of healthcare services including IVF treatments, surgery, and urology support. Still, some couples and families are not aware of why people from all over North India visit Apex Hospital in Sirsa and its satellite centers in Nohar, Mansa, and Hanumangarh.

That’s why Apex Hospital - the best IVF centre in Sirsa - decided to share some of its IVF hospital reviews and patient feedback. Read on to discover patient feedback and opinions!

Apex hospital reviews

Below mentioned are some of the reviews of Apex Hospital in Sirsa.

Naresh Ghanghas: Apex Infertility Review

Naresh Ghanghas and his wife visited Apex Hospital in Sirsa, Haryana for infertility treatment. They were struggling to conceive and sought medical help to become parents. Dr. Manisha Mehta introduced the couple to IVF and started their treatment, helping them become parents very soon. 

Here is what Naresh Ghanghas wrote on Google for Apex Hospital in Sirsa, Haryana:

Tamana: Apex Surgery Review

Tamana visited Apex Hospital in Sirsa for her mother's surgery. She consulted doctors at Apex Hospital a month ago and was very concerned about her mother’s health. Tamana loved the treatment we gave to her mother.

Here is what Tamana wrote in her hospital review:

“For me, Dr. R.K Mehta is nothing less than god. My mother's surgery was very smooth and comfortable. All processes from admission to discharge and treatment to post-surgery support, everything is very good and all staff was very nice and cooperative. Before surgery, my mother's life was difficult since she didn't eat well but thank god after treatment, she is so much happy and more relaxed. Now, she can eat everything. I will suggest you visit Apex, home to the best surgeon in Haryana!

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Anoop Bhadoo: Apex IVF review

Anop Bhadoo was blessed with a baby girl on May 9, 2022, at Apex Hospital, Sirsa after 9 years of marriage. The couple was struggling to conceive and they consulted most gynecologists of Hisar and Ludhiana before taking help from Dr. Manisha Mehta at Apex Hospital. 

Here is what Anoop Bhadoo wrote about Apex Hospital, Sirsa on Google:

Amisha Salaria: Surgery review

Amisha Salaria visited Apex Hospital in Sirsa two months ago. She was very happy after getting the right consultancy and treatment from our experienced team of doctors. Amisha Salaria was impressed with the 24/7 services and caring staff.

Here is what she wrote about Apex Hospital Sirsa on Google

“Wonderful experience with Apex Hospital, Dr. R.K Mehta was a wonderful doctor, and the staff was very cooperative, kind, and helpful. Dr. R.K Mehta’s way of handling patients is excellent and so soothing that the patient feels immensely confident about recovery. We are so glad because we choose Apex Hospital and would highly recommend it to everyone. One of the best hospitals with talented doctors. Complete knowledge, satisfying treatment, and prominent health care provider. 

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Sita Ram: Apex IVF review

Sita Ram became the father of a lovely baby after 7 years of marriage with the help of doctors from Apex Hospital in Sirsa. The couple was consulted by our in-house IVF expert and their treatment was commenced in a smooth manner. Dr. Manisha Mehta took care of all the procedures and treatments to help the couple become parents after such a long wait.

Read how Sita Ram reviewed our IVF center in Sirsa:

Neetu Sindhwani: Surgery review

Neetu Sindhwani traveled over 250 km from Delhi to Sirsa for her surgery. She came to Apex Hospital for consultancy. At first, she was very concerned but our team of surgeons and doctors helped her overcome the fear and did the complex surgery with precision and without any delay.

Here is what Neetu Sindhwani wrote on Apex Hospital GMB:

“I traveled all the way from Delhi to get my surgery done by their expert team of doctors. Both Dr. Manisha and Dr. Rajkumar are not just brilliant doctors but brilliant people too. They will always advise for the betterment of the patient. Thank you to their whole team”

Lalit Mohan: Appendix surgery review

Mr. Lalit Mohan visited Apex Hospital in Sirsa, Haryana for his appendix surgery. He was so happy after his successful surgery that he gave millions of thanks to Dr. R.K Mehta in his surgery hospital review. 

Here is what he wrote about Apex Hospital Sirsa on GMB:

“Happy with the hospital staff. I’m completely satisfied with the services. Doctors are very supportive and suggest the best possible solution for the treatment. Millions of thanks to Dr. R.K Mehta. He is one of the best surgeons in Sirsa city. Thanks a lot sir for the successful appendix operation.

Learn everything about our doctors at Apex Hospital. 

Romika Bhadu: Apex IVF review

Romika Bhadu visited Apex Hospital in Sirsa, Haryana to take advantage of our IVF treatment. She was very thankful for the guidance and care provided by Dr. Manisha and her team. Romika was very relaxed during her IVF treatment at Apex Hospital and trusted the doctors with her health and wellbeing.

Here is what Romika Bhadu wrote about Apex Hospital in Sirsa, Haryana:

IVF & surgery center reviews in Sirsa, Haryana

Apex Hospital in Sirsa, Haryana is helping patients through a vast range of IVF, gynecology, surgery, and urology treatments. We also have branches in Nohar, Mansa, and Hanumangarh to help people through affordable healthcare. 

Have queries to ask? Send them on to get a quick reply from our team of doctors. Call at 96903 66666 to book your appointment. 

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